Monday, October 8, 2012

How corruption Demage our life

 Corruption is everywhere, but as a young generation i don't want that, What will happen if i follow our fellow people? what i learn from them? What do you thing that people will damage them self they even don't think that.
I want to be a real human along with some different quality. I do believe myself and my career. If i can make it i know each and every young people they also reach in a good position and automatically our country go up. than we can proudly say that yeahh i am Bangladeshi.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Michel Phelps Win the World

In this Olympic games one man those who made history as a best athlete award in the world his name is Michel  phelps. he made his fortune cause he want it in his life,that's the reason he can achieve this. He know what to do in what situation this his only key.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Bangladesh as a Garden of Paradise for Outsourcing(Scope of outsourcing in Bangladesh)

  " The following observations will illustrate as to why Bangladesh can be a paradise for outsourcing"


Bangladesh has a large English- speaking (not by native but by knowledge acquisition) population; English is the medium of instruction in all major Universities. English is the foremost means of communication for the business transactions in Bangladesh. The globalization and the demand for smooth communication to keep abreast with others; English is becoming an incessant need of communication.Bangladesh is rich in human resource, with an estimated population of 150 million people; has a large and the fast promising pool of technical manpower. High availability of Computer literacy, English speaking and educated customer care professionals. Bangladesh has the lowest manpower cost. Manpower cost is approximately one tenth of what it is in West Europe and USA. The annual cost per agent in USA is approximately $40,000 while in Bangladesh it is around $4000.Notably, there has been noteworthy numbers of Private Universities registered in recent years offering various Degrees in Business & Technology in joint collaboration with reputed Foreign Universities from the U.S./ U.K./ Canada/ Australia. This has created a 'Standard' in the Under Graduate & Post Graduate Education System. In addition, the Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board has been conducting Board Examination in English, besides the local language. Least to mention, there is an increasing trend of Students appearing for 'Ordinary' & 'Advance' Level Exams under Edexcel and Cambridge controlled by reputed Universities at London, this undoubtedly setting a global standard in their educational aptitude. 


 Bangladesh has a huge pool of talented ICT professionals. It is known as source of high quality and competitive labour force in regard to cost. Bangladesh is preparing itself to compete effectively in the global ICT market. As the demand for skilled manpower in ICT is growing world-wide, the country feels the need to produce a large number of ICT professionals. In the year 2002, 2,354 students from Public Universities and 1,625 Students from Private Universities have graduated in Computer Science. Universities, both in the public and private sectors are producing ICT graduates in four-year Computer Science and/or Engineering courses. Government is in the final stage to offer Diploma and Trade courses in ICT will in both public and private institutes including Polytechnics. 17 public and more than 45 private universities offer ICT courses.
                                                                             Knowledge in ICT is an asset to Bangladesh

This vast pool of educated workforce, all of whom can read write and understand spoken English is shaping a new industry in Bangladesh i.e. the information technology industry. Use of computers in Bangladesh as a research and data manipulation tool dates back more than 30 years. Today computers are widely used in offices, businesses, educational institutions, at home and in the filed. In one of the most progressive policy orientation towards IT of any nation on earth today, Bangladesh allows 100% duty-and-tax-free import of all computer hardware and software. The state provides many other fiscal and infra-structural facilities to accelerate the use of computers and the growth of the IT industry.
The IT industry is represented by two industry bodies, namely Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS) and Bangladesh Computer Samity (BCS). BASIS, established in 1998, is a relatively new industry association whose membership count stands at 34 today and is growing steadily. All major software development and data processing firms of the country are its members. BCS on the other hand was formed in 1988 and represents computer business firms in general; its membership stands at more than 100 today. All major hardware and software manufacturers such as Acer, Compaq, Dell, Digital, HP, IBM, ICL-Fujitsu, Microsoft, Novell, Oracle, SCO, Sun Microsystems, Unisys and others are represented for long in Bangladesh.
The size of the IT industry is estimated at around USD 150 million which is growing at more than 20% each year. The following pie chart will illustrate the contribution of IT sector in Outsourcing which is quite encouraging. This piechart will after 10 years illustrate a very big difference in IT’s contribution.

Among the major IT projects already done/undertaken in Bangladesh are:

  • Preparing a National Voter Database of 60 million people and producing computerized ID cards for each voter which successfully played a key role in the National Parliamentary Election 2008.
  • Implementing the computerized nationwide seat reservation and ticketing system for Bangladesh Railway. The system was completed in 1996 serves nearly one million passengers each month.
  • Preparing and administering the motor vehicles and drivers registration database. The nationwide system handles more than one million registrations/renewals each year. Establishing a National Data Bank. This on-going state-funded project started in 1995 plans to be the ultimate repository of all information of Bangladesh.
  • Establishing Bangladesh Computer Council. This state-sponsored statutory body formed in 1989, works to promote computerization in the country and provide all necessary assistance to the IT industry. It has been lately entrusted with the task of preparing a national IT policy and producing at least 10,000 IT professionals and trainers each year.
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems. All national utility bodies (power, gas, telephony etc.) have implemented or are implementing SCADA systems over their national grid networks.
  • Securities exchanges automation. There are two stock exchanges in the country both of which have implemented automated securities trading systems in 1998. The Securities and Exchange Commission have undertaken the task of dematerializing securities and adopting an electronic central depository of securities within 1999.
  • DC10 spares inventory for Biman Bangladesh Airlines.
  • National pre-university examination system automation. The boards of secondary and higher secondary education process more than 30 million examination papers each year through the automated OMR based computer system.
  • Multimedia multilingual encyclopedia. This national projects started in 1997 when completed will have a multimedia and hard copy versions of encyclopedias in Bangla with English translation. The software and data processing industry in Bangladesh has had a successful track record of exporting to the USA and Europe for more than a decade now. The areas of competency of the IT industry in Bangladesh are as follows:
  • Web-page design and web-enable software development
    Multi-media design and publishing
    Alphanumeric data processing (from paper documents, scanned images and verbal recordings)
  • Relational database applications development. Front-end tools used are Visual BASIC, Developer 2000, Power Builder, Access, FoxPro and others. Back-end systems used are Oracle, Informix, Sybase, DB2 and others.
  • Human resources for the IT industry have been growing rapidly since the govt. declared this industry as a thrust sector and has embarked on a mission to make the industry a substantial part of the USD 36 Billion economy. The vital statistics for this sector are : More than 300,000 IT professionals are engaged in the industry. 
                   Reliability and Security
The work force is highly trustworthy and can convey world-class quality and ensure rapid delivery of service. Bangladeshi companies are also increasingly adapting to international quality and security standards.
Bangladesh is outfitted with well-connected telecommunication systems on a world-class scale. High availability of infrastructure resources – Submarine fiber, connectivity made possible quality and efficient voice and data communication.
Bangladesh's satellite-based telecommunication network enables almost instantaneous high-speed transfer of voice and data across the globe.

                                                 Infrastructure investments
Bangladesh didn't even have high-speed cable until two years ago, but the European Union's recent investment in technology infrastructure there has given rise to a wave of startups specializing in Web and software development.
Many of these ventures have ties to New York's growing Bangladeshi population—about 25,000, and the city's sixth-fastest-growing immigrant group, according to estimates based on 2000 U.S. Census data.
"The Bangladeshi diaspora is a big reason a lot of the offshore business is coming out of New York, just as it did with India about five years ago," says Baruch's Ms. Nahram. One such member of that diaspora, Sharef Ramed, launched Periscope Technology Solutions in 2004. To get a jump on the competition, he decided to have offices in both Manhattan and Dhaka.Mr. Ramed's network in the expatriate Bangladeshi business community here and his global contacts has helped Periscope grow from three accounts early on to 12 this year.But Bangladesh-based IT firms are finding plenty of clients here even without local connections. Web site developer Level 10 Solutions, which opened in Dhaka in 2003, has grown its business 30% in the past year and now has more than 200 U.S. clients. It gets a lot of business through New York-based partners like Bincode New Media.
"We have to do that because it's so hard to get U.S. visas," says Level 10 Chief Executive Rahman Maqsood. "But they are finding us anyway."
                              Legislative Framework
Encouraging and highly liberal Government policies on Call- center operations.
Sustain high cost-competitiveness in service sectors
Proactive Government - 3-5 years Tax holiday
Duty free import of capital machinery and software.

                                      Cost Benefits

As wages and other costs in India continue to escalate at rates as high as 15% a year, more New York companies are going next door to Bangladesh. The country may be known for having extreme poverty, horrific floods and a corrupt military government, but it also has a relatively high number of educated, skilled workers who speak English, work long hours and can design a killer Web page. 
"Bangladesh is definitely emerging as the next center for outsourcing," says Lilach Nachum, a professor at Baruch College's Zicklin School of Business. 
Wages in major Indian cities are still about a fifth of New York salaries, but the rupee has risen about 15% against the dollar in the past year. Real estate prices are also surging, taking a further bite out of the cost savings.
In Bangladesh, information technology staffers get $5 to $10 an hour, versus $10 to $20 in India. As a result, switching can reduce overhead by as much as half. Some Indian companies that get U.S. outsourcing business are moving their own work to Bangladesh, and their New York clients are happy to follow. 
"India is almost oversaturated, but Bangladesh is up-and-coming," observes Arman Rousta, co-founder and principal of Blueliner Marketing, a New York online-marketing consultant with operations in Dhaka, the capital. "People there are hungry.

                                               Time Zone

Advantage of time difference is also a big factor here, people from Europe/ America (for example) place order when they close their office and on the other hand office time starts in Bangladesh/ India and complete the job ASAP. So, the people are getting services while they are sleeping.

Not only that, Bangladesh/ India are also offering overnight services, that means that they are working 24 X 7 in three shifts just to provide quick/ best service. These things have made the clients amazed worldwide.

                                  Pro-Active Government
Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (BTRC), the telecom regulatory wing of the Government of Bangladesh has given a special thrust to the industry by reducing the prices of high-speed international private leased circuits. The recent IT boom has prompted the Government of Bangladesh to announce exemptions from income tax and customs for the exports of IT enabled services. The Government has put emphasis to set up state-of-the art infrastructure for IT enabled services. Private Internet gateways are in operation now. Foreign direct investments are now welcome in Call Center and telecom industry in Bangladesh.

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Good News For Tech Professionals

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First Ever Online Student Magazine in Bangladesh

This is a best informing student magazine in Bangladesh,Student get facility to have a huge admission circular in different university.Need to just keep in touch with this site for gathering different information.
In this site you find different information related with admission ,study abroad,career center,reviews,story and many more.This site give you good guide line and direction for your betterment.See this link below for your good information.

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Web Tips for Marketer

1. Keep it fresh – Update your content regularly, create a page or section on your site for news, updates, reviews, articles, features or new products whatever is relevant to your business. Fresh content is a great draw card for visitors and it gives search engines something new to index.
2. Join the Blogosphere – Become an authority within your community by hosting a blog on your site. Blogging is your opportunity to speak directly to your clients or customers, promoting credibility and trust in your brand. Many CEO’s are taking time out from their meetings to blog and it is quickly become a must have tool in the marketing arsenal.
3. Peak Performance – The web makes it easier than ever before to monitor the effectiveness of your marketing. Make use of the great tools available to check on your site or campaign performance. Monitor your web traffic with Google Analytics and always look for areas you can improve on. Enhance the frequently visited pages of your site and revamp the areas getting less traffic.
4. DIY Web Solutions – There are a lot things you can do yourself to ensure the success of your website but do it yourself websites jobs are not a good idea for serious business. If you are incorporating a website into your advertising and marketing strategy, budget for it and call in the pros to help you get the job done, you wouldn’t fix your own plumping or diagnose your own medical conditions would you?
5. Get in your users head? – Build your site with your users in mind, what do they want? What information will they be looking for when they visit your site? Can they find it quickly and easily? What do they need that you can give them?
6. You have to give before you get – Build credibility by writing articles, reviews and blogposts within your industry or community. Be seen to be active, become an authority or resource, give information and expertise in your area and you will get great returns in credibility, trust and brand awareness.
7. Lights, cameras, action – Create a video, host it on your site and submit it to YouTube. Testimonials, product guides, site tours or something fun and interesting related to your business will engage visitors and keep them on your site. Extra traffic from YouTube is a bonus.
8. Speed it up – If there is one thing that will send your visitors straight for the back button its pages that are slow to download. You need to cater for the very short attention span of the average web user and ensure your pages download quickly. You should test the download speed on both broadband and dial up so all your users get good download times.
9. Know your audience – Your audiences are current customers, target markets and potential leads. People that might visit your site with various aims. Knowing who those people are helps you to target your sites information to get the best conversion rates.
10. Stay Focused – Once you know who your audiences are you need to focus your site’s look and feel and content towards those markets. For professionals its best to keep it clean and simple but for creative industries you can move outside the square.
11. Easy Money – If you are selling online make the payment process as painless as possible. During this process only gather the essential information you need for the payment to be processed.
12. 3 Clicks – Your user should be able to navigate to a purchase page within 3 clicks of the home page. Or alternatively they should be able to find the information they are looking for within 3 seconds of being on the home page.
13. The hook, line and sinker – Quality content is the driving force of your site. For both users and search engines it is the key to increasing return visits and search engine rankings.
14. Keywords, Keywords, Keywords – Location and frequency of your keywords is important in the race for a better ranking but more important is the research and development of those keywords. When you are building up target less competitive more specific keywords, as your site matures you can look at going for more generic highly searched terms.
15. Tagging – In the real world tagging is frowned upon but in the virtual world it’s necessary for survival in the search rankings. Meta tags are written into the code of your site to help search engines and users identify what each page is about. Every page should have its own title and description tag. Use targeted specific keywords in these tags.
16. Link Juice – Incoming links are one of the most important ingredients required for gaining a good search ranking. Links from sites relevant or related to your industry are the only kind you should target. General directories are good also but be sure to avoid link farms and bad neighborhoods.
17. Top Ten – Everyone loves a good top ten list, its great link bait and can generate a lot of traffic to your site. It can be a list of anything related to your business, something interesting, funny or controversial also works.
18. Stay Connected – Keep in touch with your customers / clients on a regular basis, so they keep you fresh in their minds. You can do this effectively via an email marketing campaign.
19. Personal Touches – Provide a contact phone number and address if you want to sell online. People need to know that should there be a problem with their purchase they can speak to a real person rather than sending an email into cyber space.
20. Free Stuff – People love getting things for free, so offer some kind of incentive if you are trying to get someone to take action. Free shipping is a good one and so are free consultations or quotes.
21. Contribute – Get involved in the industry by contributing to online groups, blogs and forums. Make a name for yourself amongst industry peers.
22. Pay Per Click – Do the research and do it right. Target your campaign on words that are highly specific to your products or service.
23. Link up – Make sure your internal link structure is solid and it is easy for the bots to navigate through your site. Do this by using text links in your content that direct to pages in your site. Also make sure your navigation is easy to follow and you keyword rich pages aren’t too deep.
24. Keeping in theme – Each page should focus on a theme or key message. Link to other pages on the site in the copy but stick to one theme or message on the page.
25. Check out the competition – Get to know your competition, what are they doing that’s working for them? Learn by their mistakes so you don’t have to make the same ones.
26. Get listed – Submit your site to general directories as well as industry specific ones.
27. Show off your credentials – If you have credentials or memberships to associations related to your business then display them on your home page. If you can get them to link to you even better.
28. Deliver what you promise – If you say you are going to update your blog weekly, send a monthly newsletter, offer incentive specials to members or put new content on your site then do it.
29. Get Social – Social media is a great way to market your business. It is a different channel that what you might be used to in terms of the way you interact with customers. Use social media to find out about the market, engage and interact with customers but avoid the hard sell. Set up a profile on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. Keep it up to date with what’s going on in your business, post video, blogs, upcoming events, talk to people, be social, give something back to the community.
30. Keep it simple – Keep your site simple, clean and easy to use, think about your end users experience. Think about the way your users find what they are looking for and set up your navigation accordingly.
31. Offline marketing – running an offline marketing campaign that promotes your site is a great thing to do alongside your online marketing. It might cost you but in the long run direct traffic is very valuable and it’s good to be visible in the real world as well as the virtual.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ) of Internet Marketing

Q -What will a website do for my business?
A – A website is powerful marketing tool that can make a significant impact on your business. Benefits include; exposure to new leads, ability to sell products online, increased brand awareness and enhanced customer relations. You essentially get a 24/7 shop or sales tool.

Q – How do I get started?
A – A good place to start is to consider what it is you want your website to do? Maybe you just want to give people information about your product or service. Or perhaps you would like to generate some new leads or sell products. Meeting with one of our experienced consultants will help you define what it is you require and what kind of solution we can develop for you. Call us +88 02 7912178 to set up a free consultation or contact one of our team.

Q – What should I look for in a development company?
A – Experience and expertise, client testimonials, a strong portfolio and a proven track record are all essential. A good web company wills custom build a strategy and solution based on analysis of your business and goals. Pick a team that can deliver all your design, development, hosting, copywriting and marketing needs in house.

Q – Can you get my site on Google?
A – We can submit your site to Google’s index but if you want high rankings you must be committed long term. Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing effort, which if performed properly, can produce great results. Our SEO specialists are experienced campaigners when it comes to getting noticed on Google. They will get your site up to scratch and provide an ongoing optimization plan for you so your site gets you the results you desire.

Q – Why the Web Company?
A – The Web Company delivers customized web business solutions that are specifically designed for you based on an in depth analysis of your business and needs. in order to make your website work effectively we approach building a website from a holistic view point. This means we consider all the aspects of your site equally including analysis and planning, design and development, content building, usability, search engine marketing and testing.

Q – Do I need to think about search engine optimization?
A – Yes you do need to consider it. Just having a website is not really enough these days. If you are aiming to attract new leads, sell products or build credibility you need to be visible. SEO is the practice of increasing visibility. If you are serious about an online business it is an essential part of the equation.

Q – It seems like a lot of money and I can’t really understand the returns?
A – Building a website is like building an offline business. It takes time to see ROI but if you do it right you will get significant returns. It is investments in the long-term health of your business and like advertising or marketing you need to budget for it each year in order to fully maximize your potential.
Around 80% of the population using the internet and 70% of those going to internet first when searching for products or services you might want rethink where you are putting your money.

Q – How long does it take to build a website?
A – The timeframe varies for every website depending on the size of the site, the content to be developed and the elements such as flash, databases, shopping carts, forms etc. Before the project commences it is important you discuss timeframes with the developer. A small 2-4 page site could take less than a week to design and build whereas more complex projects take longer.

Q – How much will it cost?
A – Again this depends on the size of the site and other elements. You should request a quote in writing which outlines exactly what services the development company will provide and any ongoing maintenance costs.

Q -What if I don’t like the design?
A – Best practice in terms of design is a process that includes developing a design concept. Then you will have the opportunity to critique the concept and the designer should make any necessary changes and work with you until you are happy with the look and feel. Development should not begin until you have signed off on the design.

Q – What if I want to change the site after it’s been built?
A – If you are going to be making regular changes to the content of the site the development team can build a content management system (CMS) into the site. You will be able to update content such as text and images very easily. You can even add additional pages using the CMS. If you require changes to the layout, design, additional databases or forms, you will need to get your developer to make the changes. The cost may fall under maintenance for minor changes or you may have to pay for them. Discuss this at the outset with your developer.

Q – What about content?
A – It is a good idea to get a professional copywriter to create your web copy. You will need to provide direction and business information but the copywriter will put together the content in a way that reflects your business and helps you connect with your audiences to achieve your goals. At The Web Company we have in house and freelance copywriters to assist with content development for your project.

Q – What are domains?
A – A domain name is a unique web address (URL) specific to your business. Domain names are individual and there are no two the same on the entire world wide web. It’s good to have a domain name that is easy to remember and related to your business. A domain name with a key search term in it is very useful. You will need to check the availability of you desired name and then register it. It is also good to register variations of that name. If you are targeting a global audience .com is best but if you are local then is fine. The Web Company will manage the registration of your domain name and help you find one that best suits your business.

Q – What should I do about a web hosting solution?
A – The important thing to consider when finding a web hosting solution for business is the safety and security of your site and the kind of support you will get for your money. The Web Company is a web hosting provider and our packages feature fast connections, secure server and 24/7 support. Call us now to find out more about our web hosting solutions.

Q – What’s so important about branding?
A – Your branding is important because it lets your audience know what you’re about and how to recognize you. It’s part of what distinguishes you from your competitors. Your branding materials are also a great way to get your website name out there in the physical world. Your domain name should be on all you’re branding. We do logo design and branding and then we take that branding and create your online presence.

Q – What does a consultant do?
A – Consultants get to know you and your business and provide recommendations and strategies for improvement. At The Web Company we have business development consultants and online marketing consultants to help you plan and implement strategies for long term success.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Recovery Process Of Penguin Update

To recover from Google Penguin update you need to analyze the websites which suffered from Penguins. Then we have to build new link building strategy which will not come under the black list of Penguins. I will give step by step procedure to recover from Google Penguin update or will give steps to protect your websites from Google Penguins.
Make your links natural
As I have already said Google Penguin targets the unnatural backlinks, that is backlinks produced by black hat techniques with the help of black hat software. So you have to make your link natural as possible. Don't use black hat SEO software and if you can't avoid this do with extreme care. Don't bump a large amount of backlinks in one day. This can make Google alert that your website is crating unnatural links and will be caught by Penguin. Also take quality websites while creating backlinks and don't make backlinks from websites having page rank less than one.
Use backlinks from relative websites
We know that backlinks from relative websites have more weight compared to backlinks from unrelated websites and after Penguin update its value has again increased. This is because the backlinks from niche websites will look more natural compared to backlinks from unrelated websites. For example if your blog is about vehicles review and you are getting backlinks from a blog which concentrates on the topic food recipe. Google will treat this as unnatural backlink and your website will be effected by Penguin. So to recover from Google Penguin update you should bring some healthy backlinks from niche websites which can help you to regain your rankings.
Link diversity- Weapon against Penguin update
Link diversity is the new weapon to make your website recover from Google Penguin update. We know that links come from various networks like blog, article directory, social bookmarks, forum, wiki and many other.  See the image below. 
This is an example of an Penguin effected website. Here most of the links come from blog network and a very few links from other networks. So Google will think that links are coming artificially and hence Penguin caught this. So to recover from Google Penguin update you should build a balanced amount of links from all networks.

We must also analyze our backlinks in terms of page ranks. A penguin effected website backlinks in terms of page rank is given below.

Here the website have got many backlinks from page rank 0 and 1 and very few backlinks from websites having high page rank. Since the website is getting many backlinks from lower ranked pages and Google will treat it as spam links and will be caught by Penguin. So the good strategy to recover from Google Penguin update is by getting quality backlinks from pages having page rank greater than 5.
Anchor text diversity- easy to recover from Google Penguin update
We all know that key to search engines is playing with anchor text. It is a common black hat technique to bring backlinks from many spam websites with anchor text as keyword. Before Penguin update if a SEO company creates thousands of backlinks with anchor text as SEO then he was able to gain more search engine ranking for the term SEO for his website. But after Penguin update these websites will be losing their page rank. A Penguin effected website anchor text distribution is shown below.

We can see that the website have 90% of backlinks with anchor text as SEO and hence effected by Penguin update. So in-order to recover from Google Penguin update you must vary your anchor texts. For example if you have an SEO company the anchor text should diversified like "The best SEO company", "SEO Services", "Top SEO service" etc.

Google's and every search engine works for customers that means people who search in search engines. So they have to show good quality contents in the first page to satisfy the customers. So every update of Google is trying for this and if you need a good place in search engine you should have quality contents.
For Further quaries pls feel free to ask

Nazmul Hasan Nahid

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Overview of Keyword Research

Keyword is the most important thing in SEO. I hope you already know that when it comes to SEO everything depends on "keyword". Just a small recap of what we’ve learned from the previous sessions...We learned how search engine works, remember we put in a word related to our query in the input box of a search engine and in return we get the results. Now we’ve told you before that the word we put in the input box of a search engine is called “keyword”. Anything we put in the input box, from a letter like “a” to the largest word that exist in the world and even a combination of few words is a keyword. A bit confusing, right! Well let’s take out the confusion part from you and make it really easy and interesting.

How can “a” or combination of few words could be a keyword?

When we put in a word in the search engine input box, in terms of SEO we call that a keyword. Well let’s see if you’re looking for a way to get to Chittagong from Dhaka by train, what will be the search term in a search engine? I mean how you will look for the answer in the search engine or how you’ll write your query? Most probably you’ll write something like

“How to travel to Dhaka to Chittagong by train?”
Or anything that could come in your mind. If I am right then let’s assume that you put in these words in the search engine to get the answer. It’s a sentence we’ve put in but when we are doing SEO it is not a sentence; it’s a keyword to be more specific we call this a long tail keyword.

I hope you get the idea. We’ll discuss a lot in detail in here about keywords and if you become an SEO Professional then you’ll have to work with this for the rest of your life. Make up your mind for this one.

Keywords are actually the most important and major factor that determines your success in online business. Just imagine that you’ve a very nice looking and well equipped website that can be very helpful to visitors but you didn’t care about the keyword research and didn’t optimize your site with relevant high search volume keywords; then most likely you’re losing a large portion of visitors that could be yours. And losing visitor means losing business. That’s why every webmaster is very concerned about keyword research and no one wants to lose business.

Before starting any web business keyword research is the thing that needs to be done correctly. And there are a lot of ways to research the keywords that you’re going after or optimizing for.

Now that we understand how important it is, let’s learn how to find good keyword for websites.

How and where to do keyword research?

There’s a lot of places online that you could start researching keywords. Mostly we’ve to use some sort of tools for this. These tools mines data from their own database and returns the best result to suit your needs. These tools called keyword suggestion tool or keyword research tools.

 Why we need these tools?

There’s more than 6 billion people in the world; every single person has different taste, different passion and different mind. And you’re only one so how you’re going to know that the word you put in the input box is the only word that people look for that same query? Well you can’t and commonly there are many other words that could be used to perform the same search. To a solution to this problem people invented these tools that could help us doing our research and find the winning keyword for your web business.

Just imagine that someone is looking for some information on “Bookmarking” (bookmarking is an online place to keep all your favorite sites or blog in a single location, something like a personal directory of web addresses).

So how you’re going to search? Let’s see how many words we could find that people could use to search for this term......

  1. Bookmarking
  2. book marking
  3. bookmarkings
  4. bookmarking sites
  5. bookmarking websites
  6. what is bookmarking?
  7. how to do bookmarking?
  8. how to do dofollow bookmarking?
  9. ways to do bookmarking.
  10. how can I do bookmarking?
  11. what is a social bookmarking?
  12. online bookmarking
  13. free bookmarking
  14. best bookmarking
  15. popular bookmarking

.............etc. And trust me I did not take help from any suggestion tools but still I could think of this much of words that could be used to search for the word “bookmarking”. And I can get some more; how many different words could be used by another 6 billion people!

Yeah! you got the picture almost right. Now tell me how many of these words did you know before reading this section; I’m sure not all of these 15 keywords that I’ve listed here. And that’s the reason we have to do keyword research before starting any website or post

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SEO Leadership Qualities

 Any successful cause, country, or company has a strong leader behind it. Leaders can inspire people and motivate them to rise like a phoenix.
The 20th century saw great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King, and many others. In the business world we have had notable leaders like Henry Ford, Sam Walton, Jack Welch, and Steve Jobs, to name but a few.
All jobs have a leadership component built into it in some shape or form. Search engine optimization(SEO) is no different. In fact, search engine marketing (SEM) and SEO is an innovative field which requires solid leadership.
SEOs, especially in-house SEOs, face many battles daily. Good SEO leadership skills can help you and your SEO program succeed.
We can draw parallels between the qualities of leadership and how SEOs can use those qualities in every day role, be it at an agency or in-house. So here are 10 top characteristics of leaders and how they can be used by pro SEO's.
1. Lead by Example
An essential leadership trait is leading by example. Be the example in both deeds and action so you can inspire followers to do the same. SEO can be one of those skills where you can put into practice what you preach.
If you’re an in-house SEO, you can zero down on a particular business or department that feels neglected or is small compared to rest of the business. Working with this team could be easier as they would welcome any help that they can get with their SEO. Generating results for this group is a great example of “small wins” and can prove you, the SEO, to be the one leading by example.

2. Integrity
In business and day-to-day life, it's important to lead a life of integrity, and to be known for it. Al Pacino’s character Frank Slade in "Scent of a Woman" said it best: “He won’t sell any one out to buy his future and that my friend is called Integrity. That’s the stuff leaders should be made of.”
A classic example of integrity in SEO might look like simply refraining from renting or buying links to produce short term SEO results. In the long term it might even backfire and harm your SEO success as well as personal reputation.
We have to look no further .To save yourself and your company from this type of situation, it's important for SEOs to have that ethical approach to link building, and integrity plays a huge part here.
3. Collaborating
Many great leaders could attest that creating a culture of collaboration is essential for the success of any cause. That could be the nation, company, or even a small project at an agency.
Collaboration plays a huge part in bringing everyone together and letting the best minds work together to find a solution to a problem. Over the past decade, collaborative management style has grown in importance. SEO’s are at the forefront of this collaborative style of management as in order for any SEO program to succeed you would need not just input but meaningful contribution from many teams.
Whether it's developers, IT, your project managers, or designers, SEOs need to bring everyone together to your common cause and collaborate with each stakeholder. After all, a strong SEO program whether be it in-house or at an agency is hard to succeed without everyone moving in the same direction.
4. Celebrating Wins
In his book “Winning”, Jack Welch said “Great Leaders know that successes need to be celebrated.” Celebrating your wins can act not just as a motivational tool but also bonds teams together. Camaraderie between teams allows leaders to pose bigger challenges to them and motivates everyone to work toward their common goal. 
SEOs should celebrate every win with their extended teams whether be it with IT for pushing their project up the queue or QA for ensuring they didn't reject any changes, or with designers who let go of their usual graphic heavy style in favor of a more textually based design. These wins can be in form of anything like a lunch, after work beers, or even a more formal appreciation email.
You can choose any mode of celebration you prefer, but remember to celebrate your SEO wins. After all, no win is small enough to not celebrate.
5. The Big Picture
Leaders are known as visionaries for a reason. When everyone else is mired into the nitty-gritty details it is the leaders who see through that and comprehend the big picture. The iconic Steve Jobs proved that time and again by revolutionizing so many industries.
SEO’s also having it in them to look at the bigger picture by envisioning how their SEO program could look in a year or two years time. Sometimes it could be picking a number from thin air like increasing x number of new site visits through long tail terms or generating y number of revenues through SEO.
It isn't uncommon for an SEO to start their gig and get pulled in many different directions. Working through the daily grind while keeping an eye on the big picture tends to work the best for long-term SEO program success.
6. Consensus Building
Great leaders build consensus among their followers before making any decision. The more you practice this trait of consensus building, the better you get at it.
An SEO needs to practice consensus building almost daily – otherwise your SEO efforts won’t come to fruition.
A classic example could be inserting SEO in a development process. If you don't build consensus among all stakeholders on how critical it is to insert SEO at the planning phase, then chances are SEO would be an afterthought. And we know how expensive that can be, and what a missed opportunity.
Any page level or server level changes in SEO also need to have the blessing of different teams. As SEOs, you need to be the consensus builder.
7. Empowering
Many “leaders” talk about empowerment, but it usually ends up as nothing more than a bold statement. Empowering means giving folks the tools and letting them run with it and make the decisions. That of course has an effect on results as empowering team members brings ownership and accountability (or so you would hope!).
The best way to empower others is to train other people within relevant parts of the company in how to use SEO tools relevant to the area where their job intersects with yours. There are many avenues for SEO training, ranging from formal in-house training to brown bags to a more informal SEO chat during lunch hours.
Another way to empower your wider team, especially IT, is through sharing your SEO tools like webmaster console, analytics reports, your linking tools anything that you use. One of the tools that I let my IT use was Xenu Link Sleuth. Instead of simply showing them screen grabs of your SEO tools why not share the tools with other teams and you should see a marked difference in excitement and engagement on their part.
8. Making Swift Decisions
While others waste time pondering an issue, great leaders are known to collect all data and then make a swift decision. That decision can be as big as bailing out an entire car manufacturing industry or rather small as killing a certain project in your company.
A leader has to make hard decisions. SEO also needs to be able to make swift decisions, whether it's in the form of a budget or a list of SEO changes you requested. Not all your SEO requests will be acted on so those are the times that you would need to make a swift decision about which project is a high impact activity and which request you can do without.
9. Resolving Conflicts
The bigger the leader or the bigger your team the more conflicts you will encounter. A leader needs to walk a balance between resolving conflicts without making any team feel unwanted or feel biased.
Reams and reams of paper have been dedicated on the subject of managing and resolving conflicts as an essential part of leadership. For SEOs this can mean when marketing is in conflict with IT or designers are in conflict with you the SEO then finding the best solution possible to resolve conflict.
A common conflict is with designers and IT, where they want certain things their way in terms of graphics and SEOs the other. In those cases, developing conflict resolution skills can be very helpful.
10. Creating Culture of Transparency
Leaders strive to create transparency in their organizations as it engages the whole company. Transparency also creates trust in their leaders.
An SEO has a big part to play in creating transparency into the exact processes and changes you will need to follow in order to drive SEO growth. SEO often has a voodoo magic reputation and SEO’s characterized as “snake oil salesman”, so it is imperative that SEO be transparent with their processes and methods.
A great way to achieve transparency is by publishing to your team or stakeholders you’re working with all the changes you will be working on during the course of the project. This onus of creating SEO transparency falls on SEO and in the process you should be able to convert the skeptics into believers.

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History of Internet Part-2

network operational
*. 1971 Tymnet packet-switched network
*. 1972 Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) established
*. 1973 CYCLADES network demonsrated
*. 1974 Telenet packet-switched network
*. 1976 X.25 protocol approved
*. 1979 Internet Activities Board (IAB)
*. 1980 USENET news using UUCP
*. 1980 ইথারনেট আদর্শ পরিচয়করণ
*. 1981 বিটনেট প্রতিষ্ঠিত হয়
Merging the networks and creating the Internet:
*. 1981 Computer Science Network (CSNET)
*. 1982 TCP/IP protocol suite formalized
*. 1983 Domain Name System (DNS)
*. 1983 MILNET split off from ARPANET
*. 1986 NSFNET with 56 Kbpslinks
*. 1986 Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)
*. 1987 UUNET founded
*. 1988 NSFNET upgraded to 1.5 Mbps (T1)
*. 1988 OSI Reference Model released
*. 1989 PSINet founded, allows commercial traffic
*. 1989 Federal Internet Exchanges (FIXes)
*. 1990 GOSIP (without TCP/IP )
*. 1990 ARPANET decommissioned
*. 1990 Advanced Network and Services (ANS)
*. 1990 UUNET/Alternet allows commercial traffic
*. 1991 Commercial Internet eXchange (CIX)
*. 1991 ANS CO+RE allows commercial traffic
*. 1991 World Wide Web (WWW) established
*. 1992 NSFNET upgraded to 45 Mbps (T3)
*. 1992 Internet Society (ISOC) established
*. 1993 InterNIC established
*. 1993 Mosaic web browser released
*. 1994 North American Network Operators' Group (NANOG) established
Commercialization, privatization, broader access leads to the modern Internet:
*. 1995 New Internet architecture with commercial ISPs connected at NAPs
*. 1995 NSFNET decommissioned
*. 1995 GOSIP updated to allow TCP/IP
*. 1995 very high-speed Backbone Network Service (vBNS)
*. 1999 IEEE 802.11b wirelessnetworking
*. 1999 Internet2 / Abilene Network
*. 1998 Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
*. 1999 vBNS+ allows broader access

History of Internet Part-1


Just like any other business, a SEO Company in Bangladesh aspires to have a brilliant marketing team to render effective SEO services. A team consisting of go-getters, ambitious visionary, committed personnel, determined and focused individuals, is an asset to any company. It is an extremely challenging task to not only create an effective marketing team, but also, fun-filled and friendly ambiance so that greater job efficiency can be achieved, which is the ultimate aim of any SEO company.
Unfortunately, we often come across companies that believe that it is adequate to hire a link builder or an intern for creating their online brand or achieving a higher rank in search engines. To snatch away the top ranks and to successfully tackle cut-throat competition for search terms, these days any SEO company undertakes lavish expenditure and keeps in mind on page SEO right from the very initiation. I would like to point out to you the importance of certain positions in the world of SEO.
SEO Mentor
Hiring a suitable person as the Mentor is vital to the success of any SEO company Bangladesh as he is the key player in online marketing strategy. He should have the relevant expertise and proficiency to measure and grow online marketing metrics. You should settle for a visionary with adequate experience in analytics, research and metrics. Experience in writing, ability to implement SEO strategy, paid search, conversion optimization and lead generation are key attributes of a successful Mentor to render efficient SEO services.

SEO Specialist
SEO specialist should have a solid background in link building and he is supposed to be the most trusted and reliable assistant to the mentor. An efficient SEO specialist should have excellent and flawless record in his past job and should be responsible for guiding the team while building a quality link building portfolio. SEO specialist should possess excellent communication skills and excel in customer care and relations.

Link Builder

An exceptional link builder should emphasize on quality and not quantity. A proficient link builder can genuinely understand that one back link coming from an excellent or high grade page is far more advantageous to the site than several low grade links. A strong link builder would understand the business of quality link building. He should keep in mind on page SEO and come up with a link portfolio that seems natural to the search engine. He should also, emphasize on link maintenance to ensure steady rise in overall link quantity. He should possess good networking or communication skills.
Content and Copywriter
Content is all important and should therefore, be exclusive and absorbing. In today’s competitive SEO services Bangladesh scenario, the search engines are updating their algorithms to present articles that have a high consumer demand. Consumers are also looking for quality surfing experience. An efficient copywriter is quite adept at onsite content writing, industry blogging, informative press releases taking care of social media updates. He should have a flair for research and writing quick articles without compromising on quality. He should be resourceful and creative and should be articulate and should possess good networking skills.

 For the success of any SEO company Bangladesh you must look for experts and specialists who have tremendous track record in the relevant arena. It is extremely important to get your link portfolio or strategy assessed and analyzed by a third party who has the relevant capacity to focus on what exactly to look for, that would ensure an edge over other companies so essential in today’s competitive world. You may choose from a plethora of consultants and agencies. You must hire renowned agencies that can provide you with tools and the proficiency for quality link building.

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