Friday, July 13, 2012

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ) of Internet Marketing

Q -What will a website do for my business?
A – A website is powerful marketing tool that can make a significant impact on your business. Benefits include; exposure to new leads, ability to sell products online, increased brand awareness and enhanced customer relations. You essentially get a 24/7 shop or sales tool.

Q – How do I get started?
A – A good place to start is to consider what it is you want your website to do? Maybe you just want to give people information about your product or service. Or perhaps you would like to generate some new leads or sell products. Meeting with one of our experienced consultants will help you define what it is you require and what kind of solution we can develop for you. Call us +88 02 7912178 to set up a free consultation or contact one of our team.

Q – What should I look for in a development company?
A – Experience and expertise, client testimonials, a strong portfolio and a proven track record are all essential. A good web company wills custom build a strategy and solution based on analysis of your business and goals. Pick a team that can deliver all your design, development, hosting, copywriting and marketing needs in house.

Q – Can you get my site on Google?
A – We can submit your site to Google’s index but if you want high rankings you must be committed long term. Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing effort, which if performed properly, can produce great results. Our SEO specialists are experienced campaigners when it comes to getting noticed on Google. They will get your site up to scratch and provide an ongoing optimization plan for you so your site gets you the results you desire.

Q – Why the Web Company?
A – The Web Company delivers customized web business solutions that are specifically designed for you based on an in depth analysis of your business and needs. in order to make your website work effectively we approach building a website from a holistic view point. This means we consider all the aspects of your site equally including analysis and planning, design and development, content building, usability, search engine marketing and testing.

Q – Do I need to think about search engine optimization?
A – Yes you do need to consider it. Just having a website is not really enough these days. If you are aiming to attract new leads, sell products or build credibility you need to be visible. SEO is the practice of increasing visibility. If you are serious about an online business it is an essential part of the equation.

Q – It seems like a lot of money and I can’t really understand the returns?
A – Building a website is like building an offline business. It takes time to see ROI but if you do it right you will get significant returns. It is investments in the long-term health of your business and like advertising or marketing you need to budget for it each year in order to fully maximize your potential.
Around 80% of the population using the internet and 70% of those going to internet first when searching for products or services you might want rethink where you are putting your money.

Q – How long does it take to build a website?
A – The timeframe varies for every website depending on the size of the site, the content to be developed and the elements such as flash, databases, shopping carts, forms etc. Before the project commences it is important you discuss timeframes with the developer. A small 2-4 page site could take less than a week to design and build whereas more complex projects take longer.

Q – How much will it cost?
A – Again this depends on the size of the site and other elements. You should request a quote in writing which outlines exactly what services the development company will provide and any ongoing maintenance costs.

Q -What if I don’t like the design?
A – Best practice in terms of design is a process that includes developing a design concept. Then you will have the opportunity to critique the concept and the designer should make any necessary changes and work with you until you are happy with the look and feel. Development should not begin until you have signed off on the design.

Q – What if I want to change the site after it’s been built?
A – If you are going to be making regular changes to the content of the site the development team can build a content management system (CMS) into the site. You will be able to update content such as text and images very easily. You can even add additional pages using the CMS. If you require changes to the layout, design, additional databases or forms, you will need to get your developer to make the changes. The cost may fall under maintenance for minor changes or you may have to pay for them. Discuss this at the outset with your developer.

Q – What about content?
A – It is a good idea to get a professional copywriter to create your web copy. You will need to provide direction and business information but the copywriter will put together the content in a way that reflects your business and helps you connect with your audiences to achieve your goals. At The Web Company we have in house and freelance copywriters to assist with content development for your project.

Q – What are domains?
A – A domain name is a unique web address (URL) specific to your business. Domain names are individual and there are no two the same on the entire world wide web. It’s good to have a domain name that is easy to remember and related to your business. A domain name with a key search term in it is very useful. You will need to check the availability of you desired name and then register it. It is also good to register variations of that name. If you are targeting a global audience .com is best but if you are local then is fine. The Web Company will manage the registration of your domain name and help you find one that best suits your business.

Q – What should I do about a web hosting solution?
A – The important thing to consider when finding a web hosting solution for business is the safety and security of your site and the kind of support you will get for your money. The Web Company is a web hosting provider and our packages feature fast connections, secure server and 24/7 support. Call us now to find out more about our web hosting solutions.

Q – What’s so important about branding?
A – Your branding is important because it lets your audience know what you’re about and how to recognize you. It’s part of what distinguishes you from your competitors. Your branding materials are also a great way to get your website name out there in the physical world. Your domain name should be on all you’re branding. We do logo design and branding and then we take that branding and create your online presence.

Q – What does a consultant do?
A – Consultants get to know you and your business and provide recommendations and strategies for improvement. At The Web Company we have business development consultants and online marketing consultants to help you plan and implement strategies for long term success.

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