Thursday, April 5, 2012


Just like any other business, a SEO Company in Bangladesh aspires to have a brilliant marketing team to render effective SEO services. A team consisting of go-getters, ambitious visionary, committed personnel, determined and focused individuals, is an asset to any company. It is an extremely challenging task to not only create an effective marketing team, but also, fun-filled and friendly ambiance so that greater job efficiency can be achieved, which is the ultimate aim of any SEO company.
Unfortunately, we often come across companies that believe that it is adequate to hire a link builder or an intern for creating their online brand or achieving a higher rank in search engines. To snatch away the top ranks and to successfully tackle cut-throat competition for search terms, these days any SEO company undertakes lavish expenditure and keeps in mind on page SEO right from the very initiation. I would like to point out to you the importance of certain positions in the world of SEO.
SEO Mentor
Hiring a suitable person as the Mentor is vital to the success of any SEO company Bangladesh as he is the key player in online marketing strategy. He should have the relevant expertise and proficiency to measure and grow online marketing metrics. You should settle for a visionary with adequate experience in analytics, research and metrics. Experience in writing, ability to implement SEO strategy, paid search, conversion optimization and lead generation are key attributes of a successful Mentor to render efficient SEO services.

SEO Specialist
SEO specialist should have a solid background in link building and he is supposed to be the most trusted and reliable assistant to the mentor. An efficient SEO specialist should have excellent and flawless record in his past job and should be responsible for guiding the team while building a quality link building portfolio. SEO specialist should possess excellent communication skills and excel in customer care and relations.

Link Builder

An exceptional link builder should emphasize on quality and not quantity. A proficient link builder can genuinely understand that one back link coming from an excellent or high grade page is far more advantageous to the site than several low grade links. A strong link builder would understand the business of quality link building. He should keep in mind on page SEO and come up with a link portfolio that seems natural to the search engine. He should also, emphasize on link maintenance to ensure steady rise in overall link quantity. He should possess good networking or communication skills.
Content and Copywriter
Content is all important and should therefore, be exclusive and absorbing. In today’s competitive SEO services Bangladesh scenario, the search engines are updating their algorithms to present articles that have a high consumer demand. Consumers are also looking for quality surfing experience. An efficient copywriter is quite adept at onsite content writing, industry blogging, informative press releases taking care of social media updates. He should have a flair for research and writing quick articles without compromising on quality. He should be resourceful and creative and should be articulate and should possess good networking skills.

 For the success of any SEO company Bangladesh you must look for experts and specialists who have tremendous track record in the relevant arena. It is extremely important to get your link portfolio or strategy assessed and analyzed by a third party who has the relevant capacity to focus on what exactly to look for, that would ensure an edge over other companies so essential in today’s competitive world. You may choose from a plethora of consultants and agencies. You must hire renowned agencies that can provide you with tools and the proficiency for quality link building.


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I agree that hiring a suitable person as the Mentor is vital to the success of any SEO company it is the key player in online marketing strategy.

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