Thursday, June 14, 2012

Overview of Keyword Research

Keyword is the most important thing in SEO. I hope you already know that when it comes to SEO everything depends on "keyword". Just a small recap of what we’ve learned from the previous sessions...We learned how search engine works, remember we put in a word related to our query in the input box of a search engine and in return we get the results. Now we’ve told you before that the word we put in the input box of a search engine is called “keyword”. Anything we put in the input box, from a letter like “a” to the largest word that exist in the world and even a combination of few words is a keyword. A bit confusing, right! Well let’s take out the confusion part from you and make it really easy and interesting.

How can “a” or combination of few words could be a keyword?

When we put in a word in the search engine input box, in terms of SEO we call that a keyword. Well let’s see if you’re looking for a way to get to Chittagong from Dhaka by train, what will be the search term in a search engine? I mean how you will look for the answer in the search engine or how you’ll write your query? Most probably you’ll write something like

“How to travel to Dhaka to Chittagong by train?”
Or anything that could come in your mind. If I am right then let’s assume that you put in these words in the search engine to get the answer. It’s a sentence we’ve put in but when we are doing SEO it is not a sentence; it’s a keyword to be more specific we call this a long tail keyword.

I hope you get the idea. We’ll discuss a lot in detail in here about keywords and if you become an SEO Professional then you’ll have to work with this for the rest of your life. Make up your mind for this one.

Keywords are actually the most important and major factor that determines your success in online business. Just imagine that you’ve a very nice looking and well equipped website that can be very helpful to visitors but you didn’t care about the keyword research and didn’t optimize your site with relevant high search volume keywords; then most likely you’re losing a large portion of visitors that could be yours. And losing visitor means losing business. That’s why every webmaster is very concerned about keyword research and no one wants to lose business.

Before starting any web business keyword research is the thing that needs to be done correctly. And there are a lot of ways to research the keywords that you’re going after or optimizing for.

Now that we understand how important it is, let’s learn how to find good keyword for websites.

How and where to do keyword research?

There’s a lot of places online that you could start researching keywords. Mostly we’ve to use some sort of tools for this. These tools mines data from their own database and returns the best result to suit your needs. These tools called keyword suggestion tool or keyword research tools.

 Why we need these tools?

There’s more than 6 billion people in the world; every single person has different taste, different passion and different mind. And you’re only one so how you’re going to know that the word you put in the input box is the only word that people look for that same query? Well you can’t and commonly there are many other words that could be used to perform the same search. To a solution to this problem people invented these tools that could help us doing our research and find the winning keyword for your web business.

Just imagine that someone is looking for some information on “Bookmarking” (bookmarking is an online place to keep all your favorite sites or blog in a single location, something like a personal directory of web addresses).

So how you’re going to search? Let’s see how many words we could find that people could use to search for this term......

  1. Bookmarking
  2. book marking
  3. bookmarkings
  4. bookmarking sites
  5. bookmarking websites
  6. what is bookmarking?
  7. how to do bookmarking?
  8. how to do dofollow bookmarking?
  9. ways to do bookmarking.
  10. how can I do bookmarking?
  11. what is a social bookmarking?
  12. online bookmarking
  13. free bookmarking
  14. best bookmarking
  15. popular bookmarking

.............etc. And trust me I did not take help from any suggestion tools but still I could think of this much of words that could be used to search for the word “bookmarking”. And I can get some more; how many different words could be used by another 6 billion people!

Yeah! you got the picture almost right. Now tell me how many of these words did you know before reading this section; I’m sure not all of these 15 keywords that I’ve listed here. And that’s the reason we have to do keyword research before starting any website or post